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Conscious Organizational Engineering

We help organizations live their purpose by fostering continuous discovery, awareness, and change of self and every person in the organization

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Dmitry Velykoivanenko

Organizational and Agile coach, project organization leader and development director. 13 years of experience in Telecom, IT Outsourcing, organizational transformations and Game Dev with countries on all continents except Africa and Antarctica. 
  I specialise in building highly efficient, effective, self-governing and people-centric organizations using Agile methodologies (10 certificates), facilitation and coaching (another 5). I helped transform structures and processes organization of up to 5000 people, built local branches and helped multiple Ukrainian IT Outsourcing companies understand their vision and goals. Together with Iaroslav we built an organizational and goal-driven model based on Golden Circle, OKR & Drive = OKR OverDrive.

   I believe that the path of the organization to its Vision lies in understanding of the uniqueness of that path and focusing on what the organization is great at as opposed to trying to become what the organization wants to seem.

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Iaroslav Bondarchuk

Organizational and team coach with more than 10 years of experience working as a Delivery Manager, Scrum Master, Agile Coach and Organizational Coach (Wiesbaden Academy of Psychotherapy, WIAP) in multicultural teams and clients from the US, Ukraine, Belarus, Israel, Netherlands, and other European countries.

  My primary fields are Project Management, Organizational Changes, System Analysis, Leadership and Transactional Analysis (CTA-O trainee) as one of the perspectives in nurturing agile environment and building effective and efficient teams. Initiated and supported agile and business transformations using Transactional Analysis, Scrum, Kanban, LeSS (СSM, KMP1, KMP2 certified) and Lean Change Management frameworks both in IT and non-IT companies of different sizes from all around the globe (Backbase, World of Tanks, StarlightMedia, Coingaming, Intellias). Worked with ~ 30 teams and companies in total, serving as executive and team coach, mentor, and consultant.

    I believe that organizations and people in them have a right to live a fulfilling life that can be reached through increasing consciousness, taking care of the employees’ mental health, nurturing leadership, and developing organizational agility.

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Our Partners & Clients

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What we offer

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in new approaches, structures and skills. May include internal change agents education and nurturing


practical workshops that cover frameworks and methodologies, designed as Lean Change Management experiments


sharing our own experience through personal and group collaboration via working with real life cases of employees and change agents


personal and group work to co-creation of the goal and finding the ways to get there


creating solutions to problems the company is facing from the knowledge of the consultant

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Delivery process


introductory course and simulation of work in an iterative process


introductory course and implementation practice

Scaling Agility

approaches to organizing a company based on Agile principles (LeSS, SAFe, Scrum of Scrums)

OKR OverDrive

custom framework for setting goals and employee motivation

Estimations, Planning, User Story Mapping

and many others technics

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Organizational Change and Mental Health

Home: Список

Lean Change Management

an agile approach to working with changes

Value Stream Mapping

defining the value creation stream for your product/organization to find inefficiencies and plan interventions on eliminating them

Coaching and Leadership

introduction to coaching and leadership, as tools of working with employees

Organizational Design

experience of forming and working in cross-functional teams via simulation

Soft-skills and Communication

development of communication skills, feedback, teamwork, and emotional intelligence

Mental Health: Stress Management and Burnout

how to identify and deal with stress and burnout

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