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Organizational change


Organizations are complex adaptive systems so applying best practices to govern the processes in them can barely have expected results

Organizational change:


Insights: Before you can plan any change, you need to understand the current state of the organization

Options: Once you’ve gained enough Insights to start planning, you need Options. Options usually include one or more hypotheses to check and expected benefits. These hypotheses are turned into Experiments when you are ready to introduce a change

Experiments: After considered multiple Options it’s time to introduce a change and see if it works out the way we thought it would

Organizational change:

new vuca.jpg

Support in new challenges can be found in:

  • Vision why and where we should go

  • Understanding of hope, expectations and fears of clients and colleagues

  • Clarity - removal of everything unnecessary to be able to see the essence through the lens of system thinking;

  • Agility through quick adaptation to the rapidly changing environment.

Organizational change:


We live in a new World where the new normal is:

  • Volatility

  • Uncertainty

  • Complexity

  • Ambiguity

A world where it becomes increasingly hard to answer the questions of  "Who? What? Where and When?"

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